The Chandeliers of Sant’Agostino






The earthquake in May of 2012 hit the Emilia Romagna region , in addition to the deaths and the serious social and economic damage , also caused damage , and in some cases the loss of a historical and artistic culture of the highest level .

A heritage that even small works of art , from the deep historical significance , little known to the general public , but no less important .

In this context that the important work of recovery chandeliers survived the earthquakes , the Consortium has provided to rescue , at the request of the Superintendent and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

After the rescue , the Consortium has made ​​available to the restoration of valuable historical works , in order to bring them back to the original and former splendor.


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The project A Light for Emilia Romagna is to restore , in the enhancement and promotion of the Venetian chandeliers in Murano glass that have been made ​​safe by the Fire Department and the Consortium Promovetro , at the City of St. Augustine , after violent earthquakes that made unusable the town hall that hosted them .

The project involves the restoration and recovery of important chandeliers 4 – 3 small and 1 large size – were seriously damaged by the earthquake , by the Consortium companies specialized in lighting and mirrors , in compliance with current safety standards and presentation and promotion to the general public the same, once repaired , in Venice from where they were originally born at the Museum of Glass in Murano .




The precious chandeliers object restoration come from battered City of St. Augustine in Ferrara and were kept in the Town Hall, gutted by the earthquake in May 2012 and later demolished.

The Consortium Promovetro Murano in late May 2012 was in fact contacted directly by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture through the Superintendence for artistic, historical and ethno-anthropological of Ferrara, to intervene in record time to recovery, rescue and safety of priceless Murano glass chandeliers hanging from the ceilings of the municipal building of Sant ‘Agostino.

The massive chandelier that was donated to the City of St. Augustine by Italo Balbo in the ’20s, along with four other chandeliers from the Armorial Hall of the Estense Castle in Ferrara, was placed in the hall used to date in the boardroom of the City who it was then the party room, in the building of 1875.

Promovetro is for sale right now from along with technical and expert glassmakers, but because dell’inagibilità of the building, it was necessary to wait for the first days of June in order to reach the affected area, where the delicate rescue operation, they originally planned extraction of chandeliers from the ceiling through a telescopic arm with pliers remote-controlled, through the breach has arisen on the side wall of the town hall.

Successfully concluded these operations are followed, under a heavy rain, disassemble and the safety of all members of the three small glass chandeliers and imposing chandelier crystal amber-gold of almost 5 meters high and 4 floors, with a circumference of about 3 meters.

The fourth small chandelier in fact had collapsed, with previous shocks, going inexorably lost.

The chandeliers, after being hospitalized taken the Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo waiting to be restored were taken to Murano, where companies of the Consortium have been working for their revival.