The first edition of the new international festival dedicated to glass and promoted by the City of Venice, the Civic Museum Foundation, the Cini Foundation, the Veneto Institute and the Consorzio Promovetro Murano, involved the entire city of Venice with more than 150 initiatives for a full week.

The first edition of the Venice Film Week came to an end almost one month ago and it is now time for a first evaluation.

The new international festival dedicated to glass art with particular regard to that muranese, was born to celebrate glass, an artistic and productive resource for which the lagoon town is renowned globally and in its first edition has been a great success. The promoter committee is preparing to repeat in 2018 the initiative, which saw the extraordinary adherence of more than 100 realities, for a total of 150 events, all of which have the main theme of the art of glass. Important was the adherence of industry experts, artists, critics and collectors, who recognized the importance of this initiative.

“The success of the first edition of” La Settimana Vetrata “in Venice was total and exceeded our expectations. We were struck by the enthusiasm with which the City of Venice responded in a choral, propositional and creative manner to our appeal – the Committee promoter of the event, consisting of the City of Venice, the Civic Museum Museum of Venice, the Giorgio Cini Foundation, the Veneto Institute of Science, Arts and Crafts and Murano Promotion Consortium – both from the point of view of the subjects that have adhered to thematic initiatives a public who has visited curiosity with the many events planned, without being discouraged by the bad weather.The Venice Film Week has shown that the various glass-based cities in the world can work together – with as many important international realities – with a passion and an unusual enthusiasm so far.

Among the many activities and initiatives of the event, the Consortium Promovetro presented at the Apollinee Halls of the La Fenice Theater, the Oro exhibition; a Murano glass installation made by the dealers of the Glass Artistico® Murano brand, which has as its common denominator gold, an element often characterized by Murano production, synonymous with wealth and prosperity.

He also promoted the itineraries to discover Murano glass: the Murano Glass Experience trails that accompanied the visitor to observe the glass masters at work in such kilns and those island laboratories normally unavailable to the public, opened exceptionally for L ‘occasion.

In addition, in collaboration with the Department of Management of the University of Cà Foscari and the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, Rovigo and Delta Lagunare, the Vetro & Murano conference was held: dialogues for a future entrepreneurship between culture, tradition and innovation. reflection and comparison between entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, institutions, citizenship.

Along with the DEL_FabLab of the University, the results of the Glass Matters | project were presented through an exhibition. Innovation through technology where the tradition of glass processing meets with the innovation of 3D modeling processes and rapid prototyping.

See you soon for the second edition!