Consorzio Promovetro Murano as new delegate for the Murano Glass Cluster

The Veneto Region, following the Regional Law 13 of 30 May 2014, which amended and regulated the new industrial districts, innovative networks and aggregations of regional companies, with Regional Committee resolution n.1796 of 9 December 2015 recognized the Promovetro Consortium Murano as a representative of the district of the “Artistic Glass Murano and Venetian glass.”

Promovetro thus assumes a key role for the regional initiatives aimed at districts.

The new shape of the glass District takes particular account of the peculiarities of the art glass processing achieved in the island of Murano, which already enjoys special protection through the appropriate regional brand Vetro Artistico Murano, than glass made in the Venetian mainland which also it includes some municipalities in the province of Padua and Treviso.

Hence the new wording of the District that “the District of Murano Artistic Glass” becomes district of the “Artistic Glass Murano and Venetian glass” that distinguishes the product produced in the island of Murano by the product made out of it.

“How far back the law of the Veneto Region 70 of 23 December 1994 establishing the trademark Vetro Artistico Murano, – said the President of the Consortium Promovetro Luciano Gambaro – only those companies that produce artistic glass in Murano can boast of a brand which guarantees the Murano origin of the product. The Murano glass in other words it is only made in Murano. “

“The same logic – the President continues – which led the Veneto Region to redefine the new districts alongside the artistic Murano glass Venetian glass just to give importance and dignity to the sector companies operating mainly in the Venetian, though emphasizing the difference.”

“Good news for companies Murano – says the Director of Confartigianato Venezia Gianni de Checchi -; Now we just have to wait confident the publication and especially the financing of the tender by the Region of Veneto in order to present projects that benefit our island “.

“I think Promovetro – adds the President glass section of Confindustria Venezia Lucio de Majo -, which is now recognized as the representative of the district, will be one of those people who, according to the Statute of the Metropolitan City in the approval process, should be heard in the drafting of the strategic Plan as glass processing is not only a value in and of itself, but a source of identity of the territory, an essential element of its attractiveness. The fact that the scope of the district was extended demonstrates how you can set up a large area policies that go beyond the territorial limits of the classic production guaranteed by the mark of origin. “