Consorzio Promvoetro Murano and the department of managments of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, have collaborated for the realization of a study project devoted to Murano glass production

Over 160 students, assisted and coordinated by a team of tutors selected among professionals and managers in the industry, could deal with some companies of the Consortium, and apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom, through practical projects that helped to create a strong bond between students and companies, with undeniable benefits on both sides.

“Experior” was developed during a period of training and practical application of knowledge and tools acquired through classroom presentations, company visits to the Murano furnaces, interviews and on field researches. All elements that characterized this part of the project ended with a presentation of the of the final works by sixteen groups that were formed in response to the questions proposed by the companies.

“It  definitely was – says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro – a great experience according to the Murano glass participating companies. It allowed them to come in contact with new generations bearer of novelty, ideas and good intentions. Their task will be the responsibility to continue and let grow in the best possible way the companies in a changing market that requires continuous reflection and adjustments.

A starting point for Promovetro Consortium, which has once again shown to be the only interlucotor in Murano for the type of projects that want to preserve, protect and help Murano glass. Given this unexpected success we are studying more future activities to be developed together with the University.

“The project aims to innovate degree courses by introducing new learning models says Prof. Michele Tamma promoter of the initiative, together with Prof. Francesco Zirpoli – faculty of Economics and Business Management.