Murano glass “oselle” with gold leaf will be donated by Consorzio Promovetro to celebrate the feast of “Sensa” (Ascension Day). For more than one thousand years the feast of Sensa has symbolized the wedding of Venice and its sea, with the throwing of a golden ring into the water, by the Doge of Venice.


Consorzio Promovetro, the holder of Murano glass heritage and customs and managing authority of the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark, is participating to this important traditional event with the creation of 3 glass “oselle”, to replace the coins forged by the mint.

The “oselle” are hand made, in black glass, decorated with gold leaf, and characterised by the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark the only legally recognised certification to tell the origin of a Murano glass product, and protect the glass producers and buyers.

Engraved on the “oselle” the motto DESPONSAMUS TE MARE IN SIGNUM VERI PERPETUIQUE DOMINII (we marry you, sea, as sign of our true and everlasting power); the very same words the Doge of Venice used to say to the sea, asserting Venice’s posses on Adriatic sea.


The feast of “Sensa” will take place next Saturday and Sunday with a lot of events, and the most important one is the throwing of the golden ring into the sea.

The Murano glass “oselle” will be given Saturday at 5.30 PM in Ca Farsetti to the winners of the “Golden Osella Award 2013”.

They have been chosen among the feast organizing committee: blacksmiths Ermanno and Alessandro Ervas, Professor Angelo Marzollo, and the city of Venice itself, represented by its mayor Giorgio Orsoni, who gave back the Arsenale to the city and its inhabitants.


“For some years now, Consorzio Promovetro has participated to Venice’s most important feats and events – says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro.

We, glass craftsmen with a one thousand years old tradition, are proud to collaborate to spread the name of Venice, its culture and values throughout the world.

Murano glass is the glass of Venice, and thanks to the use of Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark we carry on our daily struggle against counterfeit glass products