Do you remember the project of Consortium Promovetro Murano “Loud Listening # 002 ~ Through the Sound of Murano Glass”? It was an initiative conceived to highlight the “Sound of Murano”, or the “voice of the glass and its production”

The project, realized in 2004 was entrusted to Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori, an association aiming to promote the culture of “soundscapes”. The initiative, realized with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, was also documented in a video and it lead to creation of a sound map, of the  Murano glass production, with a particular attention to the sounds of the traditional glassmaking.

During their stay, the sound artists Alessio Ballerini Enrico Coniglio and Attilio Novellino, recorded audio and video of the glass production at some companies licensees of the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark, creating a sound library of the Murano glass production; the voice of furnaces, the turned on  kilns, the noise of rods, the voice of glass masters, the transforming glass, but also the sounds of engraving and grinding.

The magical world of the artistic Murano glass companies, has now turned into electronic music with the release “Loud Listening Murano”, a collection of twelve reinterpretations and remixes, from Ballerini, Coniglio and Novellino, and from a host of musicians and sound artists to whom the original recordings were sent.

If you want to approach this peculiar music, this is the link to Cronica Electronica website discography label, where you can download “Loud Listening Murano”

This is the link to Bandcamp, where you can download the entire album.

Good listening


Artistic residence
During the artistic residency that took place in Murano in January 2014, the sound artists were involved in the recording of the glass production sounds in the factories and laboratories of Consorzio Promovetro that joined the initiative:
– Fratelli Barbini (mirrors laboratories/engraving)
– Simone Giovanni Cenedese Murano (furnace)
– La Perla Veneziana (lampwork beads laboratory)
– Alessandro Mandruzzato (grinding)
– Seguso Gianni (furnace)
– Signoretto Lampadari (furnace)
– Zanetti Murano (furnace)

To involve furnaces, engravers, lampworkers and grinders was to give voice to the different Murano techniques to get a wider range of Murano sounds.