The new promotional banner has been presented this morning


This is the sign placed on the “Ponte degli Scalzi”, in Venice, as part of the promotional campaign for original Murano glass products. This is related to the agreement signed among Regione del Veneto, Comune di Venezia, Camera di Commercio di Venezia, Consumers’ Associations, Professionals’ Associations and Consorzio Promovetro, last February, to defeat counterfeit products, and to promote the original murano glass ones. This action is to remind the tourists that the original Murano glass is only made in Murano, and that its only legally recognised trademark it is the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark (designed by Diego Lazzarini), created by the Regione del Veneto law n. 70 of 23rd December 1994.


This action is one of the many initiatives done by Promovetro, together with various associations, dedicated to residents and to all those visiting Venice, to spread a correct knowledge of Murano glass and fight counterfeit products, which are responsible, as the global economic crisis, of the problematic situation of Murano glass companies.


“Our aim is to reach the greatest number of people – says Luciano Gambaro, President of Consorzio Promovetro Murano – to explain to tourists and venetians the importance of protecting our traditions. And Murano glass is indeed one the most important ones.

This campaign began 2 years ago, and it was addressed to all local shops, to sell only original Murano glass and not cheap replica. The initiative integrates itself to the promotion done on local transport services and web promotion through our social media and out new app, available either for tourists and locals”.


“This is a important initiative, continues Franco Manzato, Assessor of the Regione del Veneto, that we have supported also with the general agreement. Murano glass is unique and it is unconceivable to us that customers may be deceived by people selling low quality, cheap glass, and making money exploiting a one thousand years old work and tradition.

It is important for the banner to be exposed on the Ponte degli Scalzi in Venice, as it is one of the most damaged place of Venice for what concern illegal trade.

Counterfeit products are a pain for honest dealers, in a city which does not deserve this behaviour”.


“The Chamber of Commerce of Venice is carrying on what decided in the general agreement – says Mario Feltrin, general secretary of CCIAA Venice – with a series of controls by our inspectors.

Last April about 120 pieces claiming to be “Murano Glass” have been temporarily seized for further analyses. Also Murano Glass companies have been inspected in order to recreate the productive chain”.


“Fake products are a social problem which is often neglected or not fully understood by consumers. They can create health problems in buyers and they destroy the economic tissue, work, social rights, human dignity and trade identity – says Carla Rey, Assessor of Comune di Venezia – Murano glass, Burano lace, and Venetian masks, are a priceless heritage for Venice, and they risk to disappear if not fully protected.

All institutions and associations are working together to promote a protective action for Venice’s products and traditions”.


“A joined work – continues Luciano Gambaro -, as it is demonstrated by our involvement with Federconsumatori, for the project “Io Sono Originale” financed by the Ministry for Economic Development, to make citizens aware about fake products”.