While waiting for  the Experior Day, the event at the end of the second edition of the EXPERIOR courses, scheduled for May 17 at the Campus San Giobbe University of Ca ‘Foscari, it is possible to draw the first results of the project that involved several glass companies Of Murano.

The initiative promoted by the Department of Management – Ca ‘Foscari Venezia University aims at bringing students closer to the various business and professional realities of the area where they will be operating in their future work.

The intense collaboration of the Consortium allowed nearly 90 students of the Advanced Business Strategy course (Prof. Michele Tamma) to deal with some of the associate companies and apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. Divided into 10 groups, side by side and coordinated by tutors selected from professionals and industry managers, students developed concrete projects that have created a strong bond between students and companies, with undeniable benefits for both.

The EXPERIOR course was developed through classroom presentations, company visits to Murano furnaces, field interviews and research. The project ended with a discussion of the work of the ten groups, work that sought to answer the questions posed by the selected companies, in the presence of the teacher and the representatives of the companies themselves.

“This second edition also had the desired success, and it was certainly, according to the same companies that participated in the project,” says Luciano Gambaro, president of the Murano Conservation Consortium, a beautiful experience that has enabled Murano companies to come In contact with the new generations. “” Many of the themes suggested by companies to students, “continues President Gambaro,” from the development of new markets to new sales strategies and distribution channels, alternative routes for discovering glass at crowdfunding initiatives , And many ideas and proposals suggested by students to the same companies. “

“To testify that the collaboration and activities launched in recent years between the Consortium Promovetro and the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice have proven to be useful in order to grow in the best way the companies in an ever-evolving market and that Requires constant reflections and adjustments. “

“Experior aims to innovate the didactics in magistrale degrees by introducing learning models in which, in the traditional frontal lesson, work experience in group work is in close dialogue with businesses – says Professor Michele Tamma, Professor of Economics and Management Of the Ca ‘Foscari Management Department. The project brings students closer to business realities, such as those in Murano’s artistic glass district, providing them with a first “experience” of work in the company and its logic, and perhaps of their future professional. “