On Wednesday 14th June, the presentation of a survey on the effects of counterfeiting in the Province of Venice was held at the Prefecture of Venice, in the context of the Second Anti-Counterfeit Week. It was organized by the Ministry for Economic Development and Censis, as Venice represents a territory that is both an international trade hub and a destination for tourists who are attracted by its uniqueness and its history.

At the presentation were present Loredana Gulino, Director-General Counterfeiting Fighting-UIBM,  Massimiliano Valerii, General Manager of Censis, Francesca Da Villa Councilor for Economic Development of the City of Venice, Roberto Marcato, Regional Councilor for Economic Development , Prefect of Venice Carlo Boffi, the Commander of the Municipal Police of Venice Marco Agostini and the Provincial Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Alberto Reda.

Wide space was given to the results of the anti counterfit activities in the area of Venice, as evidenced by the 348 seizures and the 103,608 false items confiscated in 2016 by the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs Agency.

The accessory sector (handbags, briefs, wallets) was the most hit, which represented 57.5% of total seizures, followed by clothing (20.1%) and footwear (6%).

According to the workers involved, the actions to defend the city of Venice and its area as a showcase for the beautiful and authentic “made in” are incisive and effective despite the tools available need to be refined to make them even more effective.

At the level of sanctions and repression, and today the territory is proposed as a model of strategies and interventions based on the co-ordination and commitment of all involved. The Prefecture is committed to ensuring the programming and coordination of control and contrast activities. The Region is committed to the valorisation and protection of local products, and to awareness raising and information campaigns.


And it is precisely in this field that it has been taken as a virtuous example and as a valid system of protection and protection of both the producer and the final consumer, the system of traceability of the brand Vetro Artistico® Murano, which was illustrated by Consorzio Promovetro