Simone Giovanni Cenedese Murano sas

Simone Giovanni Cenedese Murano sas

Calle Bertolini, 6 30141 Murano-Venezia
Telefono: +39 0415274455
Fax: +39 041736266
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Our company has been manufacturing and distributing lamps and artistic glass works in Italy and throughout the World.We specialised in using glassmaking techniques, employing Murano glass, to create modern style lamps and artistic glass pieces designed by the Masters glassmaker Giovanni and Simone Cenedese. With his artistic glass works SIimone Cenedese, belonging to the latest generation of Murano glassmakers and amongst the few very talented young Masters now active in Murano, brings to the company a distinguishing trait with his outstanding workmanship, personal taste and brilliant technique. Simone Cenedese succeeded in applying a modern style and design, keeping up with the times, to such an ancient material. From this combination, only seemingly in contrast, originate the works of this young and dynamic artist-designer, pieces destined to leave a trace in the world of glass sculpture and design.He collaborated with many famous designers who have chosen his studio as the furnace in which to create their projects.
The interplay of shapes and the variety of colours are the peculiarities of Giovanni Cenedese ‘s lamps Giovanni and Simone Cenedese works characterized by the preciousness of our glass and the artistic craftsmanship. We work on your designs or projects or even on your ideas and suggestions that you might give us in very short delivery times.

Tipologia di lavorazione

  • Aperto a mano
  • Ballotton
  • Bullicante
  • Colorazione a caldo senza fusione
  • Cristallo
  • Ghiaccio (vetro a ghiaccio)
  • Illuminazione
  • Incalmo
  • Incamiciato
  • Iridescenza
  • kiln-casting
  • Lattimo
  • Massello
  • Slumping
  • Soffiato
  • Sommerso
  • Vetro Battuto
  • Vetro Molato

Tipologia di prodotto

  • Bicchieri
  • Bottiglie
  • Bottiglie di Profumo
  • Caraffe
  • Centritavola
  • Complementi d’arredo e oggetti per la tavola
  • Goti

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