Seguso Gianni

Seguso Gianni

Fondamenta Serenella, 3 30141 Murano-Venezia
Telefono: +39 041739005
Fax: +39 0415274441
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Over the generations the Seguso family have managed to keep the art of glasswork alive. This work of art is carried out under extreme conditions: from working in a hot, sweaty environment, and with both maximum physical and mental concentration, the opposite of what you could imagine, while admiring the elegance and delicacy of the finshed products. A material approach that has remained the same for ten centuries and that has shaped masterpieces into having a unique value.
Gianni Seguso, owner of the artistic glassworks of the same name, remembers the outset at the side of his father: “I had the good fortune to grow professionally alongside him. A man who had great knowledge and who became a great Master of making drinking glasses when he was only sixteen years old. In his later days he created all sorts of objects, including glass sculptures based on designs of famous artists, but above all wonderful chandeliers.
”These few phrases enclose the philosophy of Gianni Seguso: in fact, following his father’s example, he decided to believe and invest in the young. Moulding them, by placing them under his watchful eye, he created the masters that now work in his glassworks. Masters that, inspite of the fact of having an immense freedom of expressing themselves, still work in a controlled environment characterized by quality, a fundamental requirement and an unmistakable sign of all the production.Even if the classic imprinted objects standout amongst all the creations of glasswork like the prestigious, flawless chandeliers in the “Ca Rezzonico” style, there is great attention dedicated to free research of ideas and new forms. So the old heart of the tradition which is represented by a knowledgeable gesture that here is still considered as an indispensable legacy of the Masters, is combined with the desire of creativity and continuing renovation. All for the purpose of bringing youngblood to the millennium Art of Muranese glass.

Process typology

  • Aperto a mano
  • Avventurina
  • Ballotton
  • Bullicante
  • Colorazione a caldo senza fusione
  • Cristallo
  • Decorato
  • Fenicio
  • Filigrana
  • Ghiaccio (vetro a ghiaccio)
  • Incalmo
  • Incamiciato
  • Iridescenza
  • Lattimo
  • Macette
  • Mezza Filigrana
  • Opalino o Girasole
  • Pulegoso
  • Reticello
  • Rigadin
  • Soffiato
  • Tessere
  • Vetro Battuto
  • Vetro Inciso
  • Zanfirico o Retortoli

Product typology

  • Altro (coppe e alzate, portacandele…)
  • Bicchieri
  • Bottiglie
  • Bottiglie di Profumo
  • Caraffe
  • Centritavola
  • Complementi d’arredo e oggetti per la tavola
  • Illuminazione (lampadari, lampade, applique, ecc.)
  • Illuminazione classica
  • Piatti
  • Vasi

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