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Polychromy srl

Fondamenta Navagero, 50 30141 Murano-Venezia
Telefono: +39 0415274597
Fax: +39 0415276218
E-mail: [email protected]

The artistic glass factory polychromy srl,was born in murano in april 2001;composed by a team of three talented glassblowers,it has the privilege to be leaded by the world renowed glass artist Gianluca Vidal. The polychromy artistic glass factory is specialized in the production of high artistic level objects ,completely hand made in the maximum respect of the ancient tradition.Exclusive objects for exclusive enviroment, this is the polychromy proposal.

Process typology

  • Filigrana
  • Incalmo
  • Soffiato
  • Vetro Murrino

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