Ongaro e Fuga Snc

Ongaro e Fuga Snc

Calle del Cristo 8, 30141 Murano-Venezia
Telefono: +39 041739439
Fax: +39 0415274450
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The Ongaro and Fuga company was founded in 1954 by Franco Fuga and is presently run by his sons Giuliano and Francesco. This is surely one of the companies that has kept the tradition of the refined Muranese art, and in particular the Venetian mirror alive. This is done by respecting the same techniques and the same materials used in bygone days. Thanks to the immense experience accumulated over the years by the founder Franco Fuga, that still works as a consultant, the company with the correct balance of both modern and old techniques combined, is able to transmit emotions that industrial products cannot. The company is dedicated to the manufacturing done by hand of Venetian styled mirrors, the creation of particular projects (rooms, dining rooms, ceilings etc…) and the production of pieces designed by architects and designers. Due to having all the necessary production methods within the company, such as engravings, plating and ageing, it is also dedicated to the difficult art of restoration and of the reproduction of antique mirrors. In the 1960’s the company restored mirrors of the Fenice theatre and worked in close contact with many Venetian and foreign antique dealers. Presently The Ongaro and Fuga due to their skills are able to satisfy any type of request in the field of artistic mirrors.

Process typology

  • Specchi
  • Vetro Inciso
  • Vetro Molato

Product typology

  • Articoli da regalo
  • Specchi

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