Alessandro Mandruzzato

Alessandro Mandruzzato

Fondamenta Navagero 54/b 30141 Murano-Venezia
Telefono: +39 041739103
Fax: +39 041739193
Sito web:

codice 038

Alessandro Mandruzzato’s company specialises in the production and manufacture of flat glass, in particular the shaping and incision of cold glass.

Our product list consists of vases, ashtrays, jewellery boxes, perfume bottles, chessboards, ‘fusion’ glass plates and Murano glass pendants etc…

Every article is entirely created by hand, following the Muranese glass-making traditions. The metal parts used for the finishing of the article are of brass with a 24ct gold coating. Mandruzzato’s company regularly collaborates not only with different designers in Italy but all over the world, producing promotional articles and exclusive pieces based on a technical design.


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